COVID-19 / Coronavirus

I now offer online counselling, video calls, and telephone counselling for anyone staying home. During lockdown measures, it’s important to look after our physical and mental health. More information is coming out regarding how COVID-19 contributes to a range of physical complications. Similarly, it affects our emotional and mental well-being. COVID-19 can affect us in the following ways:

  • Health Anxiety – COVID-19 probably presents the biggest threat to our physical well-being for generations. The impact that this has on our mental health is important to talk about. Counselling can provide a space to work through that fear and uncertainty, and give guidance on how to regain a sense of calm.

  • Grief and Bereavement – What makes this crisis so significant is, of course, the loss of loved ones. Isolation makes it difficult to reach out to those who would usually help us through the grief. Loss and bereavement is a difficult process to manage at the best of times, let alone when managing our own personal challenges. Counselling will help process that loss and alleviate some of the emotions, although it is likely that you will carry those feelings for a long time. It is about working out how to live whilst holding on to the memory of others.

  • Relationship issues & tension – Being in isolation / lock-down with loved ones is not always easy. We usually have separate lives to de-stress and keep ourselves entertained on focused on something else. Now, our attention is limited and we rarely get space from each other. Counselling can provide communication techniques and ways to defuse the tension, reducing risk of arguments, fall-outs or divorce.

  • Domestic Violence – Tensions arise during this period, with little room to escape or reach out to the usual support network. Counselling will be private, confidential, and at a time that suits you to avoid any conflict. Guidance with how to seek other support is provided, with importance placed on your well-being.

  • Alcohol & Drug use – It is often easy to turn to habits such as drinking and drug-taking during a crisis to ease the emotional distress. However, such behaviour can often spiral out of control if not managed properly. Counselling can help address the underlying feelings so that drug and alcohol use is in moderation or removed entirely. Alternative means of coping with difficult feelings can be explored, so that individuals have a healthy and appropriate response to those feelings.

  • Job loss & loss of financial security – Whether furloughed or facing a complete loss of income, counselling works at managing the stress that comes with such a loss. It can also provide signposting to other organisations that deal with job loss and financial insecurity, whilst focusing on the emotional impact.

Other areas that counselling can help with are:

  • Loss of routine

  • Loss of social connection

  • Loss of purpose and meaning

  • Disruption to sleep & energy levels

  • Feeling trapped and not in control

  • Change in weight, appetite and diet

Online counselling can help address and manage issues related to uncertain and perceived threats to our well-being and normal way of being. Counselling can be a place to release some of the tension, and work through difficult feelings. It can sometimes be a place to plan how to deal with uncertainty, fear and loss. It’s a difficult period and it is important to get all the support that we can.

Free Counselling for NHS workers

A limited number of spaces are made available for front line and NHS workers. Being faced with significant increase in stress, anxiety and fear every time you go in to work can have a significant impact on your emotional, mental and physical health. Self-care is recommended to most people but there is often a reluctance to do so. Counselling can be a place to explore the impact of working so closely with COVID-19 and health-related issues, as well as a place to explore what would help between sessions and shifts.

Reduced Rates

If you are affected by COVID-19 and need support, please get in touch. We can offer reduced rates during this period as money should not be a barrier to receiving necessary support. This is especially important if you have been directly affected by COVID-19 through a change of income or job loss.