My Approach

We will establish a way of working in our first session, go through some agreements and then get stuck in! All of it will be at a pace that you are comfortable with whilst also pushing you to move outside of your comfort zone. Sessions are fifty minutes and generally happen once a week, although this is flexible depending on your needs, goals and availability.

We can review our sessions regularly so that we are still moving towards your goal, however, it is also possible that we identify something else that you want to work toward.

Generally, I use a humanistic approach with knowledge pulled from person-centred, existential and psychodynamic psychotherapy. I utilise elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which would include things that challenge how you think between sessions – this might mean taking home some things to write about or record!

Once you have contacted me, we will make a plan of how to proceed that suits you. I generally suggest a phone call so that you can get to know me and ask any questions. Most importantly you need to work out if I sound like someone you would feel comfortable speaking with. Similarly, I have to work out if I am the right counsellor for you; I need to make sure that I have the skills and experience to help you get to where you want to be. If I am not the right fit, I will help you find someone who is.

If you feel you need to book in a session as soon as possible, we will find a time that suits us both. I’ll send you confirmation of booking and other useful bits of information. Throughout the whole process, you can contact me and ask any questions – it has to be as stress free as possible!

Face-to-face Counselling

For counselling in Wokingham, I use therapy rooms located on Denmark Street (RG40 2AY). The therapy rooms are located near Wokingham train station, and easily accessed by a number of car parks.

When people think of counselling it’s often face-to-face. Seeing someone face-to-face allows us to communicate in more than one way. It sometimes feels more comfortable but it can also feel too intense for some people. I will always try to make the sessions as stress-free as possible, to allow you to share your experiences and come to a resolution.

Telephone Counselling / Online Counselling

Telephone Counselling, Online Counselling, Video Chats – these are new ways to ensure that people can get the support they need without leaving the comfort of their home! Some people prefer having the video to maintain some element of eye contact and to read how the other person responds; others feel safer with just the audio of a telephone conversation. Whichever you prefer, I will dedicate the same time and planning to ensure our sessions meet your needs. There is a lot more flexibility with telephone counselling or video chats, and I maintain the same level of privacy when speaking with you. Any video chats we use will be encrypted end-to-end communication, to maintain confidentiality where possible.

Fees – 50 minutes

(Updated 9th July)

Counselling for Adults

Remote Counselling (Telephone Counselling, Video) £50

Counselling for Teenagers

Remote Counselling (Telephone Counselling, Video ) £60

Do not let the cost of counselling stop you from reaching out — get in touch to discuss what you can afford, even if temporarily.